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I've been thinking a lot lately about what the point of all this is. About why I'm bothering to continue in this life. And it's led me to some very, very dark places.

I'm starting to come out of that, of course, because I have to. Because I fight it every day. But it has also make me think about the petty mess that my life has become. My connections with people vary from loose and shallow to deep and profound, as most people's do. The shallow ones, I'm thinking about abandoning for the most part, because they don't serve me anymore. They keep me distracted from what matters.

The deep and profound ones are with a handful of people, and I have, lately, found myself not connecting with even those people as I should.

So I'm taking steps to correct that. I don't want to have conversations anymore about the weather or what's on TV. I want to talk poetry, music, art, philosophy, religion, science, love. I want to know who or what hurt you so badly that you shy away from particular topics so that you don't cry in public. I want to know why you have the ideas you have-- but also, what ideas you have about changing the world or your place in it. I want to know everything that makes you, you.

Tell me everything under your name in the module, and I promise you, I will do the same.


Mar. 18th, 2017 09:54 am
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Trying to get over
The feeling you never loved me.
You loved your reflection in me
Or what I could do for you.

Your charm beguiled me,
Made me believe I was
The only one for you.
But you were never going to be mine.

You made a vow to me,
But you had your fingers crossed.
Or maybe you never realized
How selfish you are.

Love is sacrifice
But a compromising one--
Both sides taking,
Both sides giving.

When the scales are
Out of balance too long
They tip, exposing
The lie beneath.

You never loved me.
You loved what I could do for you.
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Someday, my lovely, you will accept that you will never be enough for the wrong ones, but you are absolutely enough for the right ones.


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