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I've been feeling extremely agitated today. The feeling isn't much different than what I felt yesterday, or the day before, or really at all last week, but I feel like I'm on the brink of some sort of breakthrough. I feel like that's the reason why I feel so restless. I wish that I knew exactly what would help me break through whatever barrier is there, but I'm at a loss. I still kind of feel overwhelmed by everything that's going on, and I know I'm going to feel that way for awhile, because this is not the first time I've been through a divorce. However, the last time, I didn't have a child to worry about. If I defaulted on my bills, or I didn't work hard enough and got fired from my job, I starved alone. Now, however, I have to worry about her. I can't just take an apartment where ever I feel like, or have whomever volunteers as a roommate, because she has to be my priority. And honestly, she is what's keeping me from completely losing my mind. But fear of screwing this up for her has cranked my anxiety up several notches.

I think what I really need right now is to spend some time in nature, by myself, or with someone who gets it. And then I think I need cuddles, from someone who gives a crap about me, inside of a blanket fort. Those things won't make the problems go away, but they should ground me sufficiently so that I don't feel like everything is flying around me 1000 miles an hour.

But enough of me complaining. I need to go hang out with some lawyers now, and get some stupid CLE credits, and pretend that I'm fine.

Date: 2017-05-17 04:36 pm (UTC)
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I sometimes do a divination with some variant of the question, "What are the things that I haven't considered that I need to see in order to move forward?"

Sometimes it's "Tell me things I need to know that haven't occurred to me."
Or, "What's the thing I'm missing?"

That may help you.


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